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Title: Updates; 3-31-2018
Post by: Esmera on Mar 31, 2018, 09:28 AM
Hey everyone,
Just a quick note that the posting screen has been significantly lightened. I'll be adjusting the thread summary section, and the recent posts list, at a later time, to use the paper texture and be lighter coloured, for those that have an easier time seeing on lighter backgrounds (I got glasses, finally, and I can see straight, and apparently I am one of those now).

I'm also working my way slowly through rewriting the nation pages, Efrea and Shuya are rewritten, Uclain and Zetrium should be redone soon, as in within the next few days. Lots more information than before is going into the rewrites, I'm updating them all with information now established in board canon by the player-base, so things will be a lot clearer than before.

The first Wheel of Fortune is now closed, and sign-ups for the next will start April 6.

Quick reminder, we cannot magically guess which usergroup your character goes into, so it is up to you to place them in the right one. The top-bar now has a link to the page to do so from, if you are unsure how to do it, check the choosing a group ( section of the Starter Guide page on the Wiki for a quick guide on how to do that (I know, tad convoluted, but you get used to it). The top-bar section is no longer a clicker, it is a hover-er, so it may be a hair difficult on mobile, so what you'll want to do is tap and then drag down slightly, and it should drop down. Alternatively, it is also available in the Modify Profile menu found at the top of your profile page. Please also remember to tag your threads "open" if they are, and if you do not date your thread within a week of posting it, I will come around and assign a random one to it.

Happy playing!
Title: Updates; 3-31-2018
Post by: Esmera on Apr 04, 2018, 07:07 AM
I have finally finished the nation page rewrites on the wiki. They are much longer as a side-effect, but should also be more informative than before. Enjoy!