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Member Lounge / Wheel of Fortune II
« on: Apr 06, 2018, 11:22 PM »
Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune!

The Wheel of Fortune is a fun (and optional), random way of getting two characters, that may not interact on their own, together in a thread. How it works is, you, the players, sign up any character(s) you like, and they're added to the list pool. Once the sign-up week has ended, the staff'll draw random character names, and give you guys a thread prompt. You and your randomly selected partner can decide whether to do the thread or not, but, it wouldn't be much fun if you never did it, right?

So, just post below naming which character(s) you'd like to sign up to get added to the list! The sign-up for this round will end April 13, whereupon the Wheel of Fortune participants will be given their prompts. You can sign the same character up for multiple Wheels in a row, but try to be mindful about how many threads you have already running.

Current Sign Ups for April 6 - April 13:

News and Updates / Updates; 3-31-2018
« on: Mar 31, 2018, 09:28 AM »
Hey everyone,
Just a quick note that the posting screen has been significantly lightened. I'll be adjusting the thread summary section, and the recent posts list, at a later time, to use the paper texture and be lighter coloured, for those that have an easier time seeing on lighter backgrounds (I got glasses, finally, and I can see straight, and apparently I am one of those now).

I'm also working my way slowly through rewriting the nation pages, Efrea and Shuya are rewritten, Uclain and Zetrium should be redone soon, as in within the next few days. Lots more information than before is going into the rewrites, I'm updating them all with information now established in board canon by the player-base, so things will be a lot clearer than before.

The first Wheel of Fortune is now closed, and sign-ups for the next will start April 6.

Quick reminder, we cannot magically guess which usergroup your character goes into, so it is up to you to place them in the right one. The top-bar now has a link to the page to do so from, if you are unsure how to do it, check the choosing a group section of the Starter Guide page on the Wiki for a quick guide on how to do that (I know, tad convoluted, but you get used to it). The top-bar section is no longer a clicker, it is a hover-er, so it may be a hair difficult on mobile, so what you'll want to do is tap and then drag down slightly, and it should drop down. Alternatively, it is also available in the Modify Profile menu found at the top of your profile page. Please also remember to tag your threads "open" if they are, and if you do not date your thread within a week of posting it, I will come around and assign a random one to it.

Happy playing!

Support & Suggestions / Features and Functions
« on: Mar 16, 2018, 07:54 PM »
This thread will go over the unique features and functions that are available on World of Hearts. As we are self-hosted, and the main admin is a bit of a master at the specific software, there are quite a few unique functions!

At the top and bottom of every thread is an Add bookmark button. This button will add a thread to your bookmarks, which then appears on the public thread tracker in your profile. (Works on character accounts, as well.) On the bookmarks management page, you can add notes to threads in the tracker, for thread summaries and similar.

Topic Tags
At the bottom of each thread is a Tags: area. Clicking the [Add Tag] link will allow you to add new tags to it. Examples of tags are "open" and "mature," the latter which is required for adult-content-oriented threads. Tags can also be tagged with characters' first names or nicknames, to make their threads easy to find.

Our site has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, in posts, quick edit, quick reply, and profile text area fields. This editor is a powerful one, enabling quite the array of options, and some keyboard shortcuts work (ctrl+b for bold, +i for italic, etc, warning, ctrl+b on Opera and Opera-based browsers will trigger browser bookmarks controls coming up). There is one caveat, and that is the WYISIWYG editor will not load if Javascript is turned off in the browser; you'll get a text area, but not the fancy controls, you'll have to BBCode in it manually.

Player Display
Automatically, subaccounts of a parent account will display the parent's name and link, for an automatic player field.

Automated Who's Who, Face Claims, and Time-Line
By filling in the FC field, your claim automatically appears on the FC list. If you are using artwork, just leave it blank instead of inputting none, else you can credit the artist. The time-line automatically populates threads by chronological ordering. The member list also automatically creates itself based on accounts and their subaccounts.

Fluid Mature Content Restriction
Users that wish to be able to see such threads can pop their birth date into their OOC profile. This birth date, if it is valid and makes the user at or above 18, will trigger mature threads showing in topic list, and enable the user to read them. If these aren't input, those threads just don't appear at all, and cannot be read.

Easy Thread Dating
This takes the form of a series of options when posting new topics (below the description field). Select a month, type a day number, and a year (we are in 218), and you've added your thread to the time-line. Threads that are not dated are not considered board canon until they are! The dating system was implemented to prevent users from getting confused and muddling the IC time-line - and thus incidentally being in two places at once.

Alert Numbers
Little numbers will appear at the top of the site beside your name. These are unread PMs, unread @ mentions, or unread posts to bookmarks. Our software does not have an alert system on its own, so I had to hack one in. Not terribly fancy, but, I did it.

Support & Suggestions / Frequently Asked Questions
« on: Mar 16, 2018, 07:53 PM »
Anything related to the setting aspect of creating a character:
If it is not mentioned in the world's lore, you're welcome to bring it up with the members in general, by posting in this forum, if you'd like a second opinion regarding your idea! Alternatively, if you have a solid enough concept, go ahead and join the Wiki site, and add it in yourself! World of Hearts is intended to grow with its player base, so any setting-related "will this work" question is generally like, is that what you want? Because chances are, we can make it happen, and, because World of Hearts is intended to grow with its players, it is the players that add new things to it.

How do I create a character here?
Quite simple! Just register with an OOC account first. I do recommend, once registered, that you log out and back in, so you can check the "stay logged in" checkbox, that way the system won't automatically log you out post an hour. Then, at the top of the site is a bar with your username on it. Hover over the username, and click "Characters," "Create/Link," type in a character name (properly capitalised, first last if applicable) and a password twice, "Create/Link" again. Use the drop-down at the top of the site to switch onto the character profile, and edit their profile. Once you're happy with it (fill out as much, or as little, as you'd prefer), when viewing or editing their profile, hover over "Modify Profile," and click "Group Membership," select the right one, and you're good to go!

Are last names required?
No. Most characters will have one, but it's up to you (or them) if they use it regularly enough to warrant username placement or not.

Does their registered name have to be their name?
If you decide to register them using a nickname, shortening, or similar, instead, that's fine.

Do you accept character artwork in place of a face claim?
Sure do! We also accept animanga-style face claims, whatever you're more comfortable with. The only restrictions are, please don't steal someone's artwork (both the staff are artists themselves, we do check).

I've registered and gotten my character done, what now?
Well, you can post a plotter, or post in other plotters that are there, or, post an open thread. There may also be an open thread already available for you, so check the open thread list! See if there are any requests you can possibly fill, several are loose enough they can be adapted into an already-made character. Contact someone you're interested in plotting with and ping-pong ideas, chat a bit in the chatbox... there are many ways to get threads going here, and these are just a few. =)

I see a thread timeline, does that mean dates are necessary?
Yes, it does. We do not run on fluid time, as we had trouble with it previously. However, dating is very easy, the fields for it are separate from the post area, and will display above it, so most shouldn't have trouble remembering to do so.

Does this site have a Discord?
Yes, and no.
We have a mass server for all the RP sites that are hosted on In Populus Technology's systems. Each site in the IP Tech family have a category and channels of their own, and members of a site can only see the category and channels for the site they're on, + general and technical, so conversations are still separate, and users that aren't on a certain site don't get the discussion channels for that site.

If you are interested in chatting with us in Discord, you can use this link to join. Let someone know which site you're from, and we'll get your site-related role sorted shortly. Discord use is absolutely not required, and may even be a bit lacklustre.

Member Lounge / Wheel of Fortune I Sign Ups
« on: Mar 15, 2018, 08:37 PM »
Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune!

What the heck is this, you're probably wondering. I think I'm the only person that's ever done something like this. Haha. Well, the Wheel of Fortune is a fun (and optional), random way of getting two characters, that may not interact on their own, together in a thread. How it works is, you, the players, sign up any character(s) you like, and they're added to the list pool. Once the sign-up week has ended, the staff'll draw random character names, and give you guys a thread prompt. You and your randomly selected partner can decide whether to do the thread or not, but, it wouldn't be much fun if you never did it, right?

So, just post below naming which character(s) you'd like to sign up to get added to the list! The sign-up for this round will end March 22, whereupon the Wheel of Fortune participants will be given their prompts. You can sign the same character up for multiple Wheels in a row, but try to be mindful about how many threads you have already running.

Current Sign Ups for March 15 - March 22:
- Julian Laing
- Leon
- Kassander Altien
- Seia Kailani
- Kaspian Sorrenson

Player Noteboards / Get a Noteboard of Your Own!
« on: Mar 15, 2018, 02:34 PM »
Noteboards are forum-corners that are just for you; you can use them however you like, for whatever you like, whether that be for journal threads, inspiration threads, fashion and ideas, personal note threads, whatever you like. You'll be made a moderator, so you can moderate your board, and pin or delete whatever you like, as well.

To get one of these, just let me know you want one by replying to this thread, and mentioning any fancy name or description you'd like. HTML works in descriptions.
If you already have one and wish to change either of the above, that is also doable by replying here with the mentioned information.

Advertising / Affiliate With Us
« on: Mar 15, 2018, 06:36 AM »
We love affiliates, and would love to have you!
We have only two stipulations:
1, static only.
2, we do not accept affiliations from unestablished resource sites.

As we have no forum age, post/member count, or similar, requirements, we expect you not, as well. Please have our button up first, if requesting from us, and we'll do the same for you!

Code: [Select]
<a href="" title="World of Hearts: colour themed member-driven *punk fantasy" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

Advertising / Advertisements
« on: Mar 15, 2018, 06:36 AM »

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[url=]Home[/url] / [url=]Lore Wiki[/url] / [url=]Starter Guide[/url] / [url=]Advertise[/url][/center]

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[url=]Home[/url] / [url=]Lore Wiki[/url] / [url=]Starter Guide[/url] / [url=]Advertise[/url][/align]

Hello, See You / How Did You Find Us?
« on: Mar 15, 2018, 05:04 AM »
I'm curious how everyone got to us here at World of Hearts, and how they heard of us, or found us, so on. Share your journey!

News and Updates / What's Up
« on: Mar 14, 2018, 10:29 PM »
You guys are very unlikely to notice anything changed at all, but, I wanted to give everyone a heads up regarding some minor shuffling the site is going to be doing for a day or two. Shouldn't take long, there's not much to deal with, honestly.

The original main admin just stepped down from this site due to personal, real life issues. That means I'm now taking over. Most won't notice a difference, as I was already more publicly visible, so it's just a minor mention. @Mystique is now taking a moderator spot, and they are the general go-to re: world-building, we are very tight so if you talk to one you're basically talking to the other. Either of us will work, to be honest.

We are now mixed-PBs in general, if you're more comfortable using artwork or animanga style PBs instead of RL ones, you're welcome to do that. I know not everyone can handle mixing the two but I hope we're all okay with this change (if you're not, please reply to this thread, or PM me, and let me know; otherwise, turning off avatars in your Look and Layout settings will make images go away so you can basically turn a blind eye).

Indigo Heart colour may be going away. Ngl, I'm not sure why it's here. The group colours will also be changing a bit, we're expanding a little on Hearts themselves and the semantics of how they work. Currency name is also changing, and we'll be expanding on religion and geography/climate things as well. The IC boards will do a bit of a shuffle, but not much of one.

For now, we're on a temporary default theme. The theme we were using before was purchased by the former main admin, and only they have rights to use it, so, despite my having coded it, I will be making a new one for World of Hearts going forward. If you have any requests regarding the theme, such as font sizes or overall colour schemes you prefer, let me know!

Other than that, keep going. This shouldn't affect World of Hearts much at all. Thanks!

Plotters / p l e i a d e s [ ana's plotter ]
« on: Mar 12, 2018, 04:42 AM »
SUYIS LUCAIN26 ♦ What is gender? ♦ Mechanical ♦ Pan, Poly ♦ Sky Pirate ♦ Also invented skyships ♦ Great at drinking games

Suyis is probably somewhat difficult to plot with, but he has the bonus of being very easy to find! He's all over the place, and you can bet your boots, or whatever you wear, he'll go wherever you are eventually. He's got a weird sense of humour, no doubt about that, but in its weird way, it's often rather charming. Who knows the semantics of how this magic works. He's got an open want ad for crew for his skyship, the Dreadnought Har'zaref, and you can also join his merry family.

He has a habit of picking up stray orphans and super-poor people with severe medical complications, obvious soft-spot reserved for Blighted, so he has probably several dozen "kids," by now. If you happen to have a poor orphan in sore need of a bath and food and maybe a healer, you're in luck, Suyis'll tote you to Zetrium for all of the above free of charge, and then give you a place to live if you're not interested in staying on the ship. And then bring you books and get you schooling and whatnot. How schmance. He is rather random a character, because what I expect him to do, and what other people expect him to do, do not always fall in line with what he actually does, so, I will warn you, you cannot set anything in stone with him because chances are, it's not stone, it's more like foam that melts in the rain.

JULIAN LAING 21 ♦ FTM, halfway done ♦ Blue ♦ Pan, Not Poly, weird lil- ♦ Researcher, minor healer streak ♦ Mostly good at being an ambitious twat without being an actual twat and knowing random trivia ♦ Also decent at throwing money at random book vendors, apparently. ♦ Invented libraries on accident.

Julian was born with an obscure and rare disease that has no name established in board canon, but it operates like tuberculosis, mixed with a bit of muscular atrophy, essentially. In theory, he's a blue, but in practise, he probably falls more somewhere around orange, because his physical stamina does not his heart's stamina match. He is nobility, but the Laing family are not very well-known, they just happen to own a good deal of ships used for goods transport, sort of a delivery company, but it's all very hush-hush to try and keep pirates off their ships (and they're bloody loaded as a result). He's an only child, but not really spoilt, despite that and his general ease of living re: finances, and he's actually rather humble - when you don't have something he wants (but he tends to be overly nice / generous to you instead of demanding, because that makes for better impressions and fosters higher chance of you going along with him later).

Currently, Julian is researching obscure diseases, in an effort of not only curing himself of his affliction, but also curing other obscure diseases. He may or may not eventually progress to wanting to cure the Blight, but so far, he's not gotten that ambitious. Hangs around Angrim Bert's bookshop reading most of the time (see invented libraries), but he's certainly interested in talking to: other book vendors, merchants that have been around Kardia a few or more times, healers, and heart menders, as well as anyone else interested in similar subjects as he. I feel he could use one, really tight, close friend, because Julian is extremely slow to trust, and he's probably pretty lonely.

LEON 17 ♦ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ♦ Magenta ♦ ACE.AS.FUUU- ♦ Sky pirate ♦ Okay, basically he just cooks food for the sky pirates, he's in it for the travelling and the joy of feeding people. Warning: Will Feed You. ♦ Smol Wolf-Child Precious. (Warning Two: Surya WILL rearrange your face if you mess with Leon).

SMOL PRECIOUS. Leon is the only current played Ilim on the site, so you can kinda extrapolate from him if you want to make one. Anyway.

Leon grew up in Shuya, lost his sister to a bear, spent a while trying to off himself, and when that didn't work, decided to join a pirate crew. It's working out pretty great for him so far. With the Har'zaref's relatively consistent visits to the Estijian Markets, he's made friends with several artisans and bakers and whatnot in the Markets, and he's a smol-sweet, so really, I can't imagine anyone really disliking him (barring of course, that Ilim are often Uclainian, but he is not - he doesn't even speak Uclainian). I wouldn't get on his bad side, if only because he has Lucains behind him, and he's certainly no pushover himself, but for the most part, Leon means well. He may be a bit overly pushy about certain things (see will feed you, he also has a habit of playing matchmaker because he can smell that, so just admit it already), but in general... Leon Worries.

That is what Leon does. Leon Worries. Perhaps as a side-effect of his sister's death, maybe he's always been a ball of Anxiety, but he Worries about everything and everyone he knows and cares about, all the time. Currently he's likely Fussing somewhat over Meilong re: eating, but if he gets to know you and likes you, he'll Fret about you, too. He can be, and often is, somewhat naive and ignorant about certain things (he does not understand the Laws of Attraction, and will miss Flirting entirely until your hormones start doing certain things he can scent), but it's usually kind of adorable. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

KASSANDER ALTIEN 19 ♦ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ♦ Violet ♦ Gay lean, like 99% "gay" I think (he likes dudes but I guess it's not really g - ykw), in theory he is poly, in practice, he Clings too hard, doesn't mind if his partner doesn't, though ♦ Criminal overlord ♦ Glows after prolonged exposure to sunlight, can we just call him the White Lantern? ♦ Clairvoyant.

Hahahaha um.

Kassander is a crime lord. Yeah. Kind of inherited it from his father before him, and is angling to end up on the High Council of Efrea. He has younger siblings and a mom I'd like played, but beyond that, his plotting opportunities and options are fairly wide-open. He isn't one of those super-snobby elite (unless he is in company of super-snobby elite, because they grate his nerves and he is Bad at hiding it entirely), so he may well get along with most. I will say, Kassander is a tsundere. Kassander is WAY a tsundere. He is very aloof, distant, and cold, until he starts liking you, and you prove to be at least mostly trustworthy. Then, he'll be nicer. The only exception to this is children under 13, he will often start out relatively kind and surprisingly warm with them, because society has not ruined them yet.

The thing to remember about Kassander is he is a light. He can either be a warm, nurturing light, or a searing, destructive one. Ultimately, it is up to whom he interacts with that determines which kind of light he is at any given time; be nice to him and his, and he will be nice in turn. Show a penchant for being irredeemably moronic, self-centred, or just all around the king / queen of dickbaggery, and he is liable to make your life harder than it needs to be, just because he can. Give an inch to get an inch, yeah? Also, one should never presume that being in his good graces somehow permanently cemented oneself in his good graces; because he can take that back as fast as he gave it.

One thing I'd like for him, aside from family, is, like with Julian, at least one solid, close friend. This can be a fellow noble, or even someone of lower birth, a family servant even, whatever. Because Kassander is TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, at his own feelings and, if left alone, he will outright drive himself into the ground trying to be everything he thinks he needs to be at once.

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