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Plotters / αρεια [mystique's plotter]
« on: Mar 17, 2018, 02:58 AM »
Disclaimer: If you have an idea for anything outside of these plots, feel free to throw it up, I am open to pretty much anything. Also I love family. Even if the character's history says that they have no family, I will change it and give them family. Or found family! Or friends. Give me the platonic relationships. Give Them To Me. Not that I don't like the romantic ones, but those get all the attention. Pff.

Disclaimer 2: I will make this prettier in the future. Maybe. ... then again, I know how lazy I am.


〚 υελαινις 〛

26 Male Uclainian Doctor (PIRATE doctor)/Eye candy Orange heart Poly Bi? Pan? Ish

Part of the Har'zaref crew
Also known as: GODDAMNSEXY, Cutie, Abs, Hot stuff, etc
Currently in Efrea, working hard to keep an orphan alive aboard the Har'zaref

Ah yes. The Sexy Pirate Doctor. One of the calmer members of the Har'zaref, though no less insane (even if he tries to pretend otherwise), Kiyoshi is the one who makes sure that they don't accidentally off themselves somehow. Which is a lot harder than you'd expect, or perhaps just as hard as you'd expect considering who he's dealing with. He is a very chill dude and tends to take in everything with mild bemusement, and most people do not expect him to be Uclainian, or a pirate. What can I say, he is full of secrets. He didn't manage to finish all of his schooling before Suyis whisked him away, but I think what was left was mostly practicums and interning. You know, hands-on practice before you get released into the real world. Fortunately, or unfortunately, life upon the Har'zaref has ensured that he's gotten a lot of practice. If you have a character inclined towards healing without a mentor, who are unable to pursue traditional medical paths, Kiyoshi would be happy to take them on. As long as they, you know, don't mind becoming a pirate in the process. He's also very practiced at pediatric care because of his captain and co-captain (and his captain's girlfriend, and, rarely, very rarely, even their sister...) and their soft spot for children who are Suffering. If you are a child who was Claimed by a Lucain, you'd likely be very familiar with him as he would've been the one in charge of your care.

Despite having been willingly kidnapped by pirates, Kiyoshi does still keep in contact with some of his former teachers and school friends back in Zetrium, and he does go back often enough that he's probably got a couple of other friends there, too. If your character is a Zetriumese academic with shifty morals, maybe they and Kiyo can be friends. Because of the life he leads, he's had to improvise some risky, on-the-fly medical procedures and also gotten a chance to study the biology of races that may not be so familiar to human medical literature, like Ilim or Glisslaggen. Unfortunately, he can't actually publish any of his discoveries because, you know, he's a pirate, but if he knows anyone working on anything similar he can nudge them in the right direction. He's also got a lot of resources when it comes to studying the Blight because of regular contact with Mysaedra, so if your character is also trying to Science the Blight he'd be happy to hook you up. Scientifically. ... maybe literally too, if you're a pretty girl. Haha.


〚 απατουρος 〛

19 Female Efrean Socialite Green heart Poly AF Pansexual

Currently dating Suyis Lucain, but ready to build a harem
Also known as: Whirlwind, Lyrricane, "that goddamn backstabbing c-"
Allied with the Har'zaref and the Faolain family
Currently in Efrea, aboard the Har'zaref

LYRA IS SO MUCH. She is the definition of Much. She comes on strong, and you're like, what the fuck, and she continues coming on strong, and after a while you realize that's just her personality. Lyra is a chirpy little noble songbird wrapped in pretty ribbons, and she sings so much of what you'd expect from a spoiled bougie brat that you miss it whenever she says something actually important.

And that's just the way she likes it.

As far as the wider world knows, she is just another vapid socialite with too much time on her hands. To those who are in the know, however, those who wield any source of power within Efrea, Lyra's reputation is a little different. The Faolains have always been good at making friends, and she exemplifies that to the extreme. If you are someone to know, then she is very interested in knowing you. Lyra is a charmer, and she can worm her way into even the most callous and closed-off hearts. She has friends absolutely everywhere you look, but there are some that she holds above others and if you become a danger to her or hers, she will drop you like a hot potato and turn on you at the drop of a hat. Among some circles she's starting to gain a reputation as a backstabber, but this isn't entirely true; rather, she is a little too good at making friends and they try to take advantage of a relationship with her that they do not have. Buuuut, if they think themselves closer to her than they actually are, Lyra won't dissuade them. It's not her fault if they don't realize that she's just using them and bleeding them dry until she's bored of their company, and if they try to push her to use any of her assets on them, well. That's just rude, isn't it, and of course she would retaliate in kind.

Yeah... Lyra's morals are a bit uh. Skewed. But hey, if you're not a danger to her then she won't be a danger to you, and if you flatter her and give her gifts and prove yourself to be a useful actually make her like you, she has very good friends in very high places, though often of dubious legality, and she will help you achieve your goals. Lyra is generous to her friends, and when it comes to taking the risk or playing it safe, the scale is tipped towards seeking her favour. This is likely very deliberate on her part. If nothing else, she does get bored easily and rambles on about different tangents, and even if you talk with her about nothing of import you'll still probably find yourself entertained.


〚 ευπλοια 〛

12 Female Shuyan Null heart Too young and in pain to think of love

Usually referred to as 'the mute girl at the Estijian markets'.
Currently in Efrea, being benevolently kidnapped by her new dad.
Allied with the Har'zaref

To put it delicately, Mei is a sad kid. When she was very young, a fire broke out at her house and she almost died when a support beam fell on her. It did manage to save her from the worst of the fire, but it almost broke her neck, and it did break her legs. They've never fully healed; Meilong can walk for short periods of time, but after a while the pain becomes too much. Her hand was so mangled that it had to be amputated, and her neck is basically just a huge swathe of scar tissue. Smoke inhalation has left permanent damage on her lungs, and it is difficult for her to breathe after any exertion. Any rise in air pollution of dip in humanity brings on wheezing and coughing, and she's been mute since before she could talk. And after all this, she got the Blight. ... and her village kicked her out. ... ... annnnnd she could barely walk to start with, and can't walk at all right now because of fatigue and over-exertion, and she can barely breathe because she came from rural Shuya and existing in Efrea is, uh, difficult, and! She is trans, and didn't get the chance to go through the Magic Gender Ceremony before the Blight descended upon her like a vengeful harpy and ruined her life.

... I told you she was sad.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the Estijian Markets probably know of her. People love to gossip about interesting sights, and she is a fairly interesting sight. A young girl, Blighted girl, missing a hand, walking with improvised crutches that are just ragged sticks, who can't talk to anyone and doesn't seem to understand anything that is said to her? Yeah, people are gonna talk. Which is good, because eventually the gossip reached the ear of one Surya Lucain, and now she is on a skyship to Zetrium to get a hand and a new heart and a wheelchair that can shoot fire. ... as soon as she eats something. And gets a bath. And sleeps for two days straight. I hope that was an exaggeration.

(Mei had never seen a normal ship before, much less a skyship. She's gonna be so disappointed when she sees a ship that is not the Harzie. Where are the wings. How does it flap through the water without wings? It doesn't make sense.)

If you are anyone who knows Surya, or the Lucains in general, you'll probably get to meet Meilong at some point. ... maybe. Surya is Protective of his new daughter. Mei will be so surprised when she learns that she has a dad. Ha. She's very lonely right now, and could do with some friends; if your character is in Zetrium and around the same age, or happens to like kids, I'd be happy to throw Mei at you. Bonus if they happen to know Shuyan. She doesn't know this now, but eventually she'll become pretty interested in all things science, particularly subjects that pertain to biology and engineering and bioaugmentation, so if your character works within those fields, it wouldn't hurt to give that interest a head start.


〚 νικηφορος 〛

23 Female Zetriumese Half-Glisslaggen Blue heart Gay Demi-ace Probably poly?

Also known as: Sadie, that stone-cold bitch (those are often said together), Shuyan Snake (that one amuses her; she's not even Shuyan!)
Currently in Uclain, cussing out her existence. She fucking hates it there.
Allied with the Har'zaref and the Shuyan Court

A renaissance (wo)man, Sadie knows some engineering, some medicine, and a lot about stealing hearts. Literally. Well, mostly literal; she'd much rather leave the metaphorical heart stealing to her brothers, but what can I say, her family is blessed with good genes. At this point, she probably knows a lot about heart mending too, but pff. Pff! Haha. What a good joke. Maybe for her family, and that is still a maybe. Sadie is not as kind as her brothers are; she taught herself how to be selfish in order to survive, and she is loathe to let that go. Crass, blunt, and raunchy, she is a steamroller and she will plow past whatever or whoever she needs in order to get to her goals.

The heart hunting isn't entirely selfish, however. Sadie is researching the Blight, determined on finding a way to stop, or even cure it. She's also making a better version of a synthetic heart than the mechanical ones that are currently available, hearts that are actually capable of channeling nature magic like normal hearts. Many will know her as a heart hunter, but she spends a lot more time researching than she does on heart hunting, and the heart hunting is mostly a way for her to gather materials for said research. Along with healthy hearts, Sadie hunts Blighted hearts too, which had probably left many people pretty confused. Haha. If you're researching the Blight, Sadie is very interested in knowing you, and if you're a heart hunter or any other nomad who makes their pay via the bidding of strangers, well. Hunters gotta stick together, right?

Sadie spends a lot of time in Shuya, blame her Glisslaggen blood, and will probably be pretty familiar to those within the High Court. Her brothers are the captains of the Har'zaref, and she occasionally hitches a ride with them. She's like the weird murderous aunt to the Harzie family, dropping by every couple of months to regal the crew with stories and shower them with biohazardous gifts. Much as she doesn't want to, Sadie spends a lot of time in other places too. Heart hunting is a profession meant for travellers, mostly because she can't stay in one place for too long as she's wanted in every country. Whoops.


〚 νυμφια 〛

18 Female Efrean Yellow heart Mostly Straight? Demi Not poly ):

Also known as: Some of the kids call her 'mother'
Currently in Efrea, feeding orphans and raising dragon birds and basically being a disney princess who is Not Dealing With Things but pretending very well

Ohhh boy.

Seia has been through a Lot, and will probably go through a lot. She's a quiet, unassuming potter setting up shop in the Estijian markets, but her ex-husband died and left her saddled with a lot of debt from a lot of bad people and she doesn't know who they are, how much they're owed, or if they'll come looking for her or not. Did I mention he basically married her when she was thirteen? Yeah. Not a really nice dude. Unsurprisingly, Seia has some issues. Okay, she has a lot of issues, and actually comes with some warnings. If you, as in you, the player, find it difficult to deal with subjects that involve sexual violence, spousal abuse, and eating disorders, I won't blame you for wanting to steer clear of her, and if you do interact with her and find that I'm pushing into subjects that you're not comfortable with, please let me know. This applies to my other characters as well, but none of them are as messed up as she is.

A walking mess of anxiety and PTSD and bad eating habits, Seia is dealing with things but... badly. There are no words to describe how badly she is dealing with them. Seia needs friends, people who can anchor her into the real world, but she is terrible at maintaining contact and terrified at making any first moves, so the other person will have to take initiative. Plus, her trust issues are... she doesn't even know that she has them. She doesn't even know that they're issues. Seia is not very good at self reflection; in fact, she keeps herself so busy and eats just enough so that she won't shake, precisely so she won't do any self reflection. When she's not working, she's making food to feed the orphans at the Estijian Markets, and there are usually a stream of kids coming in and out of her shop because she keeps her ovens on the roof. They're on the roof because she's also taken to raising pyrebirds, domesticated hawks native to the Virae volcanic fields who like to nest on hot rocks. If you're an orphan in the markets, or someone who's also taken to helping them, maybe you can bond with her. Or someone who's wondering where all these birds are coming from, lol. What did I say, disney princess. Even if you're just a merchant at the markets or someone in a similar profession, it'd be nice for Seia to know you.

On the other hand, her husband had a lot of criminal connections. If your character is on the wrong side of the law, there is a chance that you might've known him. Perhaps you even knew her before he died and she sold all his stuff to try and pay off his debt. One of his few redeeming features was that he tried to keep Seia away from that life, but, well... sort of hard to when she was his wife. You might even be one of the debtors that Seia will not admit that she is terrified of. Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Efrean Beaches / i'm the one you're looking for
« on: Mar 06, 2018, 01:00 AM »
This was the picture of a cliche, wasn't it. Sunset dipping low beneath the calm waters, painting the sea in a brilliant blaze of red and yellow, evening breeze running slow and soft over her hair. Lyra tilted her head back, watched the small clouds as they drifted through the sky. The air was deceptively calm without the quiet hush that fell before an incoming storm, but soon. Sometime during the night, hopefully not lasting until morning. But the catch has been good this year, fat fish strung up gutted and naked at the market every morning. Apparently, choice cuts could be snatched up even after noon. The fishermen will live. Of course, Lyra herself wasn't the one who went; doing so was """below her station.""" Yeesh. Sometimes, she wondered at all the arbitrary rules assigned to nobility. Only sometimes. Of course. But the servants were glad to talk, or at least, glad to talk to her. It was amazing how far kindness could get you.

Technically, she shouldn't be here, but oh well. This stretch of the beach wasn't open to the public, but she had never known the family who owned it to care overmuch about trespassers. At least, they put up the pretense of caring before showing it off to visiting nobility from other countries, or before throwing a party. But if anyone was visiting, Lyra would've already known, and she would be attending any party they threw. Besides, they wouldn't be interested in this portion anyhow. Scraggly dark cliffs reached up to the sky, sharp rocks overlaid with coarse sand that scratched rather than cushioned. At low tide, small pools filled with interesting fleshy creatures dotted the foot of the cliffs, some of which bit and stung. Lyra had found that out the hard way when she'd snuck away from one of those aforementioned parties when she was little, clinging to the hand of one of their sons until he showed her something to assuage her boredom. But they were covered by the rising ocean now, and Lyra, tucked away in a crevice that couldn't be properly called a cave, was still dry but just barely. Well, it's not like she planned on staying forever, and besides, she didn't mind getting a little wet.

Fingers ran over the necklace of scales she held in her hand before she held them up to the light, watching the sunset through the transparent blue. It was a gift from a contact returning from the icy lands of Shuya. Apparently, moonlight turned them silver and actually made them glow. "Very valuable," he had said, "and very pretty," and winked. ... Lyra would be lying if she said she didn't wish it was easier to tell when they were trying to win her favour, or her favour. Besides, it wasn't really her style. Depending on how valuable it was, maybe she could give it to one of her sisters.

Hello, See You / Introducing Mystique
« on: Mar 05, 2018, 10:18 PM »
HeLLO, good morning, it's 9 p.m. but who cares, I'm Mysti, I'm Canadian, I am a Literal Baby, I am probably cold, I can talk for hours about plants and mythology and psychology, I love cats to death.

I have Many Issues with my brain, one of which is bipolar, so my activity tends to fluctuate. When I'm manic I can be a bit... much. Please tell me to shut up if I am ever too much; I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable and my sense of boundaries can be lacking.

Currently I am probably avoiding my responsibilities trying to break into modeling. I also do art and photography and more writing on the side. And plants. ... like, taking care of plants, not. Not doing plants. That definitely could've been worded better.

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