Lennox Faolain
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Lennox appears very different from his sister. Where Lyra is much, Lennox is not so much. He prefers to hang back from the crowd (and there always seems to be a crowd). He is composed, calm, and everything about his presence exudes genteel mannerisms. From his flawlessly coiffed hair to his custom made shoes, he crafts his look in the same careful way he crafts his sociable public persona. Underneath that persona is someone who is biding their time.

In the entirety of his twenty-three years, Lennox has never understood the phrase “less fortunate”. For how unfortunate could someone really be without having experienced the hardship of public responsibility and managing numerous assets? Imagine the potential to mismanage such a thing. Losing a handful of druz was nothing by comparison. A single drop of water in a rain storm. For those who might point out that a handful of druz could mean the difference between eating dinner or not for some, well, he’d attended many parties where he’d had to wait hours before anyone brought him something to eat. Perhaps now they might have an inkling of the harsh realities of his life.

When it comes to magic, Lennox has no luck with spells or heart specialties. His magic appears innately. Looking into Lennox’s eyes inspires the feeling that he can be trusted. These feelings can manifest in both expected and unexpected ways, on a grand scale or not depending on a variety of factors*.  He has been the shoulder to cry on for many who decided he was the one to which they could unburden their life story. He has also received no less than two marriage proposals from total strangers, one of whom gave an impromptu performance of a love song on the spot. Varinya! As if he would have ever said yes. The grander gestures put Lennox off spending time around people, and pull him further back onto the metaphorical pedestal he places himself, above and alone.

More curious to Lennox are those who seem indifferent in person, only for him to hear later that they consider him to be a close, personal friend. The Faolain family has lots of friends though. It was not so unusual that someone might want to be a part of the inner circle. However, if Lennox has an inner circle it consists of family only. Perhaps one day a spouse, if he can find someone deserving of himself.

*Information about this power and its limits in Notes.
Lennox’s Magic: 

Manifests by inspiring feelings of trust toward him when making eye contact. This magic happens on an instinctual level with little effort on his part. Its influence on others can vary due to situational elements such as how tired he is, how strong-willed they are, etc. I will only be writing how this works with NPCs. Feel free to interpret the effects however you wish!

It is quite possible to avoid the situation entirely by not making eye contact (pretty easy to do since Lennox is not a people person, and doesn’t know exactly how his gift works). Some, depending on their own personal fortitude, may also find the feelings fade if it has been a while since they’ve last seen him.
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