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My brain does not agree with me on the best of days, please excuse me if I seem out of it or absent. It's okay to nudge me if I've left a thread sitting for a while, just try to not be too insistent about it. If you've got any questions about mental health, feel free to ask me. I've pretty much memorized the dsm.

On a lighter note, I'm Chinese-Canadian and I live in the Texas of Canada which is, unfortunately, a lot colder than the real deal. Hobbies include photography, art, calligraphy, and yarncraft. Plants are one of the many loves of my life. I am polyamorous, so I have lots. Assume all my characters are also poly unless stated otherwise. I can't do jealousy plots, as, according to multiple sources, I have no idea how that emotion works. When I try, it just falls flat.

Most of my real life shenanigans are pretty boring, but occasionally it resembles a shitty low budget c-list flick trying way too hard to be edgy. Feel free to ask me about the time I was in a shooting, or when I was asked to fuck a shoe. At least he was polite about it.
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