Ksenia Altien
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House Warwicke
She began a young noble, of a small house of decent prestige, in Efrea. The Warwickes, a vassal line to a larger one, was, like the family they served, exceedingly wealthy. Little was outside of their reach, and some could easily argue that the children of Warwicke grew somewhat spoilt. One says 'somewhat,' and yet, likely mean 'gravely,' as the Warwickes never wanted for anything, and whilst those in power at the head of their ruling lineage were not terribly favored by their vassals, the Warwickes knew better than to speak against them. For their continued assistance in varying endeavors of their patron lineage, the Warwickes were rewarded greatly, if only because the lineage's vassals were dwindling in number, and only the Warwickes remained a constant. Ksenia, a middle child of her generation, grew up on a large estate on the western coast of Efrea.

In time, the Warwickes had begun dealing so much in politic of merchanting, their patron lineage were giving them large amounts of eyes every so often, for the trouble. Yet, at the same time, the Warwickes smoothly and subtly made it quite apparent their patron lineage had little to nothing to do with anything the Warwickes did, and started gaining enough of a foothold amongst other merchants that they'd begun to steadily rise above the lineage they served. It was something of an open secret, that the Warwickes aimed to someday surpass their patron lineage, and join the Efrean high nobility in their own right.

Ksenia learned, early on, if she wanted power, she'd have to learn how to manipulate the men around her to get it. After all, power in Efrea did not into the lap of a woman fall, said woman had to, at best, reach out and make it fall. As she aged, grew in beauty and in grace, it was perhaps not surprising that she learned to play political games, and particularly powerful men, albeit always with a coy smile on her face, as if she had no idea what was going on. One day, like her siblings, Ksenia would be a ladder to the Warwickes' glory.

A Stag Becomes a Cobra
At first, the young Ksenia, only barely sixteen years of age by then, did not marry immediately into the Altien line. She had her eyes on other prizes, at the time, hoping, initially, to gain firsthand accounts to feed the general Efrean public, set off rumors and whispers, and, soon enough, bring her family's patron lineage down. Most would consider such endeavors rather quite the overreach for one such as she, but she did so with a grace and poise only someone like her could've managed. She married, first, into her family's patron lineage, at the young age of sixteen, and never thought twice about it.

He was, as it happened, rather the impetuous, abusive jerk, and Ksenia learned early on that attempting to sway him into doing what she wanted of him was going to be difficult, if not impossible. He was almost constantly drunk on something, be it wine or power, and to be kind about it, Ksenia's refrained thus far from saying anything about his personal intellectual abilities. Ksenia still desired his influence. He had much of it, mainly thanks to his father before him, but he had neither the brains nor the discipline to make use of it. Ksenia did. Her effort proved fruitless. He never did fully trust her, not to say she was surprised, ultimately. Ksenia remained long enough to birth her first son, she's forgotten now what the man named his spawn, and then returned to the Warwickes. The marriage was annulled a week later.

By some odd twist of fate, opportunity came knocking, and Ksenia threw the door wide open for it. The Altiens sought a bride for their eldest son, and while, at the time, she had her reservations about how the lineage was known to keep its iron control over its territories, vassals, and businesses, ultimately, they were one and the same. Ksenia, in the end, felt more at home with the Altiens than ever she had anywhere else, even, in some ways, moreso than she'd felt amongst the Warwickes. The Altiens held standing high enough that Ksenia was able to continue crushing the Warwickes' patron lineage beneath her heel, and soon enough, she brought them down, the name Altien being more powerful than Ksenia had first thought.

The Odd Child
In time, Ksenia bore another son, this one named Kassander. The boy was unnerving in ways his half-brother never had been, and Ksenia was uncertain what to do with him. He never once cried, in all his years, even on rare occasion where he lost his footing, and fell. The boy was unperturbed by anything, learned to walk and speak at scarily early ages, and, when he finally displayed magical ability, he managed very complex magic without ever having been taught how to use it. The Heart Readers all said he was a violet, and he knew things, things he should never have logically known, one day even asking how his half-brother was.

It was apparent, very early on, he was immensely powerful, even as young as the tender age of two, and every day that passed, he grew stronger, and ever more dangerous. Ksenia feared that someday, he'd become a force too powerful for her to control, and she'd be left in the wake of the destruction he wrought. She never said it, not with words, that she'd come to fear her own son, but he always seemed to know. And yet, of course he did, for nothing escaped him. While she could not always rein him in, oh, did she try. Kassander did, ultimately, whatever it was Kassander chose to do, and Ksenia, her own green heart eventually damaged enough it stopped holding spirit and turned null, was never a match for him, either in rhetoric or otherwise. She bore other children with the Altiens, but none were as terrifying as Kassander.

In a temple, one day, a strange woman came to her, took one look at her, and said:

"Younger of age and stronger of heart,
Listen not with ear for not all is as is told,
The light from the shadows has come.
Stand not against the son bathed in gold,
For someday he will tear you apart."

Despite Ksenia's many misgivings and concerns in regard to her second child, she's remained with the Altiens, as at least, in such a place, she is behind Kassander, and not in front of him. Still, she tries to contain him; and still, he defies her, and breaks all the chains she would place on him.

The Years Between
When her family's patron lineage finally crumbled, the Warwickes remained standing, however, another lineage sidled into the gap they left behind before the Warwickes could. Kassander eventually took over as head of the Altiens, repaired the house's failing reputation and diplomatic ties, and if anything, Ksenia only grew more concerned about what he was truly capable of. The world, it'd seem, is just within his reach, if only he'll take it, but Ksenia is not certain if she wants him to, all the same. Kassander is the son that was born of her own heart, when she'd had one, that is, and perhaps, in some sense, seeing herself and her own ambitions in him only makes her fear him more.

For now, she's content to wait, and ride it out. In the meanwhile, she's been working on certain contingency plans... just in case Kassander lets his successes get to his head...
Not yet filled out.
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