Suyis Lucain a sage to some
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The early years were nothing special, as often they aren't. Suyis, like many others before, and after, him, was born, and, as they say, the world rejoiced. Quite frankly, very few rejoiced at all, as his parents could hardly afford to feed themselves, as it happened, and a third to concern themselves with was, well, let's just say he wasn't terribly welcome an addition. His parents were never terribly unkind, but in the undertones to what they said to him, it was somewhat apparent, early on, they considered him something of a burden, or perhaps an obligation. His grandparents, on the other hand, never did entirely stop rejoicing, even as Suyis displayed a strongly concerning penchant for getting into more trouble than was typical for his age, and a predisposition toward a freakish inconsistency as to where he fell on the morality spectrum.

Oh, he knows right from wrong, make no mistake. He will, however, occasionally outright ignore that difference.

As early as possible, his grandparents took him to a heart reader, pleased to learn he had, at the time, an Indigo heart. Suyis never much cared for magic, at least, at first (to be fair, what child likes to do what they're told?), and in retrospect, he wishes he'd enjoyed it more, while he'd had it, as one day, well into his preteen years, his ability to use magic suddenly stopped. It was rather obvious what was wrong, but, in some odd desperation, his grandparents took him to multiple different heart readers, and they all said the same thing.

Suyis never realised, at least, until then, how much life and energy was in the world, and when, as his heart finally drained entirely, he was cut off from it, only then did he realise how much he subconsciously leaned on the thrum of magic. Once it was gone, it was as if a song he'd always heard had suddenly stopped. The world was too loud, things he should've instinctively known, he didn't anymore, sometimes he hardly knew his own way down a hall he'd walked multiple times before. He'd almost go so far as to say the world's colour dimmed a little, the scent of the salty air on the beach fading, the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks simultaneously becoming a roar, and becoming a whisper.

He'd never realised, until the world's whisper became silence, how quietly loud it was in his own head.

Many would surmise, at least to some extent, when the whisper of the world went away, the roaring in the back of his head became unbearably loud, and, perhaps, drove him just a touch insane. Suyis, of course, insists that he is not insane, his reality is just different than everyone else's. With the thrum he used to be able to feel in time with the rush in his veins gone, it was perhaps no surprise that he went looking for something, anything, remotely similar to the sensation, that could bring back that life the Blight had silenced.

He found it, perhaps, in an unlikely place. That thrum came back, a little at a time; it wasn't the same. It never could be the same, but it was enough, to have the hum and buzz of electricity and the rhythmic thumping of engine parts moving. And he decided, if he couldn't have the hum of world, he'd have the whistling of the wind.

He was going to fly.

It took time. Oh, it took so much time, and many scars were gained in the effort, but, eventually, eventually, he built his first flying machine. At the time, he had no name for them, but as he designed them sleeker, more aerodynamic, more capable of sailing through the clouds, he decided, he'd call them skyships. Nowadays, most call him a sky pirate. He wanders the skies, going wherever it is the wind bids he go, wherever he fancies today, and he answers to no one and nothing, for he is above, quite literally, the petty squabbles of the lands below the Har'zaref's hulls. However, he still remains the most proficient at skyship maintenance and part manufacture, and where he may have been nobody before, now, he is a name most that followed him to the skies, and many of those that didn't, know, and know quite well.

Suyis may have been thrown to the darkness, but now, he is the wind.
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