Lyra Faolain Silvertongued
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Born into wealth and privilege, Lyra was thrust under the scrutiny of the limelight from a very young age. While some may break under its attention, she flourished in it instead. Peppy and energetic and cheerful, it is easy for her to make friends, easy for her to keep them, and easy for her to navigate the world of veiled threats and double-talk of high society. Some may say that she was handed the world on a proverbial silver platter, but Lyra recognized very early on that though she may have been granted power by virtue of her birth, it will not be maintained by compliance.

See, here’s the tricky thing about affluence, one that is lost to many of her station: it is neither a privilege, nor a gift. Unlike magic, it is not given by the world, but by its people. So quick are they to grant fame – and so quick are they to take it away. As with anything else, it takes work to hold on to what you’ve got.

And work she did. Lyra may not be the most skilled crafter, or a warrior capable of devastating an army, but this she does have: a magnetic charisma that draws people in like vultures to a rotting corpse, and a silver tongue capable of charming secrets and inspiring loyalty in even the most callous and closed off individuals. Lyra has friends absolutely everywhere you look – from her surface dealings with the nobility and royalty, to pirates and merchants and bounty hunters scattered all over the lands and seas of Kardia. Every secret, every whisper in Efrea (and many from beyond) will eventually find its way back to her – and considering how popular of a destination it is, it carries many secrets indeed.

To most, she may seem like just another ditzy airheaded noble, but whispers about her have also started to abound. If there is anything to know, Lyra will know it. If there is something to be found, Lyra can find it. And if you need to disappear, or if someone else wants to make you disappear, well… who knows which side she’s on. Maybe she will throw her weight behind the highest bidder, or maybe she will support whoever furthers her own covert, esoteric goals.
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