Surya Lucain
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Younger than his brother, albeit not by much, Surya was the second unwelcome addition to his family's line. Their grandparents, as it happened, learned that their parents weren't going to make particularly decent parents by the time Surya had started retaining long-term memories, and so, unlike Suyis, Surya doesn't have many memories of them at all. Given what their grandparents say about them, Surya doesn't care, either. It wasn't as if Surya missed out on anything.

Surya has always been, perhaps a bit too much, serious and studious. He took whatever he could learn rather seriously, and did well in learning to control his own magic. Like they did with his elder brother, their grandparents took Surya to a heart reader as early as they could. Surya was born with a green heart, and, given his personality, neither of his grandparents were surprised. In the early years, his brother would run off the moment he had the opportunity to do so, but Surya was always studying something, or playing with his magic in new, creative ways. He did like to get a little creative in his magical endeavours, and perhaps pushed the boundaries of those endeavours a hair too far, but he always learned enough in testing fate that he considered his daring to be worth it.

When his brother was diagnosed as having the Blight, Surya perhaps took it the hardest. Suyis would've been perhaps a rather masterful magic user, if he'd only had the chance to learn to be one. It wasn't fair. But the Blight never was, and Surya knew better than to say it. It didn't help anything. Really, it'd only have made it worse.

He didn't initially come to the conclusion that, eventually, he did. For a while, he waffled on it, thinking and then discarding the thought. Suyis' Indigo heart dimmed, and eventually, died entirely, leaving behind a Null, and while he did okay, for a while, it was fairly clear that it had affected Suyis in ways that Surya never would understand.

One thing about Suyis, you do not leave him alone. In anything, because he is very powerful, always has been, in many ways; yet he is also very, very fragile. In the end, Surya went looking for Heart Hunters. He knew what'd happen, if he did find one. And he didn't care, because that was what he wanted. He wanted his heart Null, so he understood what his brother was going through.

He got it. It was probably rather strange, for the hunters, in hindsight, that he hadn't even really fought them at all, just put up a token defence, and then had given up. Like they had with Suyis, his grandparents eventually got him a decent mechanical replacement, and despite everything, just as Suyis always said, being too quiet and too loud at once, he's never once regretted it, not really.

Surya is now a member of Suyis' skyship crew aboard the Har'zaref, because, as he says, you do not leave Suyis alone.
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