Mysaedra Lucain
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When she was young, Sadie’s head did not agree with her. Or rather, she was born restless and roving, too fast for the slow world that she lived in. Her brain skipped like a broken record, jumping from one thought to another and then back again, and either refused to focus or focused so intently it left no room for any other thought. Outwardly, it seemed she was slow, slow and far too excitable, and Sadie didn’t have the words to describe that no, her mind just moved too fast.

At least she was never made to feel bad about it at home. They were poor, but her grandparents and her brothers were kind (her parents left the picture before she could remember them, and honestly thank the gods for that) and perhaps recognized potential where she couldn’t see any. Sadie did not have an easy life, but she had never not felt loved. Beyond, though, it was another story. Her heart was strong, but it didn’t matter. Zetrium ran on technology, not magic, and while her blue heart was strong it was not strong enough to overcome her shortcomings.

Still, Sadie was not without her strengths, and though they may not lie among the path valued by her country, it was enough for her to find friends. Some might consider them the wrong type of friends, but then again, is the distinction really necessary? Sadie sees little difference between the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ type of friends. As long as they helped her, somehow. As long as she could be of use and help put food on the table. She might not grasp every philosophical treatise, or the finer nuances of technology, but she was strong. But her reflexes were quick, and she shrugged off hurt, and magic came to her as easily as breathing. And, see – others do not expect danger from people like her, from bouncy little girls with chatty mouths who were cheery but dull, who seemed impatient when it came to anything actually important.

She didn’t fall into being a heart hunter, at least, not immediately. See, here’s the kicker: Sadie found, once she actually had a place to channel all her restless energy, that hey, she can concentrate. She can read! The same subjects that had previously escaped her comprehension were clearer now, and… maybe interesting? But at the same time, someone wanted a specific-coloured heart and would pay a healthy sum for it, and rumours said that if you stole this particular heart, so and so would be forever in your debt, and…

And then her brother got the Blight.

Caught the Blight? No one knows. Sadie scoured libraries looking for an answer, demanded to know what research was being done at the academies, but people seem far too scared of the consequences of catching it to find any real answers. Plus, something about ethics. Blah. And, fine. So she’ll work her way up. So she’ll drag herself to a position where she can rip off the bandage that’s not even touching both sides of the wound, fund the research, force people to care. It might take a long time. Whatever. Sadie is not a patient creature, but she is nothing if not determined.

And then her other brother – you know, she liked Surya. Still likes him. Admires his patience and intelligence and stability, his quiet persistence that was so different from that of Suyis and her. It’s different. She would like to think highly of him, but then comes the rare, unexpected occasions where he demonstrated that he is indeed related to Suyis and her by doing something colossally stupid, and.


He can make it hard.

And so, when the heart hunters came for him, Sadie cursed his name out loud and decided, fine. Fine! To hell with waiting! If you wanted something done right, you did it your damn self. And for all her shortcomings, she is still Zetriumian. More importantly, she is Mysaedra Lucain, and nothing short of death can stand in her way when she’s made up her mind. Practice what you’re best at, right? And she happens to be best at hunting hearts, and now, she will make herself the best at fixing them.

Not mending them, no. Fixing them. She is an engineer, not a heart mender. But humans are machines. Complicated machines that eat and sleep and shout and fuck, but machines nonetheless, and even the most complicated machines can be broken down into simple components. Who better to fix a machine than an engineer? There has to be a way to fix hearts without giving up parts of yourself. Has to be a way to halt the Blight, or reverse it, or even remove it completely with having to resort to mechanical hearts. If the Blight must be picked out cell by cell, so be it. One way or another, it will be fought back, and Mysaedra will be the first to do it.
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