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It is not hard to see why those from beyond puzzled over the hows and whys of Uclain’s people. Lush, green, bright, and verdant, the jungles are so full of life that they choke on it. Agriculture never saw need to develop in a place where the land already gave everything that you needed, and there are no scarcities, only surplus. Kiyoshi had come across the question before, idly flipping through a classmate’s textbook while taking a break from his own assignment. Why do they insist on fighting when there was no need? Was it proof of the inherent savagery of human nature?
The people from outside do not understand. And neither is it enough to visit; only after living under Uclain’s green skies will one truly know that when life is given, it does not discriminate, and there is always something bigger than you. Lush, green, verdant and deadly, the jungle gives life as easily as it takes. People think of danger, and they think of Shuya’s high peaks, where the ground turns you solid and the weather slowly erodes you away. But that danger is known. You cannot know the location of every snake and bear and jaguar. Every step is a gamble when a boa might be hidden in the next tree, and you wouldn’t know until it is too late. Even if a predator is not encountered, the adrenaline is still there. It is easy to see why people would then turn it towards each other.
Kiyoshi did not come from this world. People hear Uclain, and they think of war. To them, the jungle is as red as it is green. But, see: there is so much within Uclain, and each tribe almost acts as its own country. Like all other Uclainians, Kiyoshi grew up strong, but he was never a fighter. And when he left for Zetrium, it was not as a refugee. Rarely does he bother to correct these assumptions, though. It amuses him to see what ideas people come up with about him without his active input, often completely contrary to his character.
Even with Zetrium’s technology, it still takes time to give someone the right body. In the time it took for the hormones to start working, Kiyoshi absorbed Zetrium from the sidelines, and quietly fell in love with its labs, its academies, the crisp cleans of its architecture so different from the sprawling ordered chaos that he called home. Even after his body finally felt right, after all the uncomfortable bumps and curves smoothed out into a shape that felt more himself, Kiyoshi stayed and enrolled himself into one of their many academies.
In Uclain, he had studied medicine, and in Zetrium he studied the body. Uclain is not as primeval as some would make it out to be; they had their own advances, but their technology took on a different form. Many of the things he was taught in Zetrium, he already knew, but the way that they went about it was so different that Kiyoshi learned, anyways. Often, in medicine, the method was just as important as the contents, and even with known ailments and cures he still absorbed everything anew. Sometimes, he preferred the Uclainian way. Other times, the Zetriumese seemed to have it right. Whereas some would’ve favoured one over the other, to this day Kiyoshi still tries to hold both in mind.
Zetrium was not without its own excitement, but it was different from that of Uclain. Life still followed him in strange and unexpected turns, but without the rush of adrenaline, the feel of your breath pumping through your lungs on the knife-edge of danger. Academia was so clean and crisp, and Kiyoshi forgot, sometimes, what he was made for, forgot the feel of his history, that Uclain was made of fighters and he may not be a soldier, but he was not made for stagnation.
Kiyoshi grew bored.
And when you are bored, and you find the captain of the Har’zaref wandering around with bleeding knuckles, and he hits on you the entire time you’re patching him up before inviting you to join his crew – well. You say yes.
(Later, Kiyoshi tried to not laugh when Suyis’ girlfriend, upon first meeting him, turned to Suyis and asked if it was common for him to find cute boys while wandering around injured, and maybe she should try that in his absence. Before he had the chance to respond, his sister had turned to her other brother and said, “Yeah, there’s no way I’m not gay.” He did have an image to uphold, after all, even if these people knew nothing about him.)
(That was a wild day.)

He does still keep in touch with some of his old classmates and professors, especially those who are more dedicated to science than legality, who do not care if useful data comes from a man (and woman; Mysaedra is not the only one frustrated with the silence in Academia in regards to Blight research) who is technically a criminal. After all, Kiyoshi is in charge of medicine on a ship with two null hearts, one of which was previously Blighted, along with an Ilim, along with an ever-changing motley cast of people coming in and out, and mixing Uclainian and Zetrium medical practices. He has attempted many firsts, discovered many things about the biology of mixed races that have still not been formally published. However, some informal channels do pass along his findings, and some of his professors are trying to reproduce what they can in laboratory settings so it may be established within medical literature. Despite all the idiosyncratic curveballs that life constantly throws at him in his new life, he does not regret his decision. Kiyoshi is Uclainian; he was made for curveballs, and his clinic might be… unusual, and not exactly legal, but this feels more natural than studying at an Academy ever did.
Not yet filled out.
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