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There is no such thing as right or wrong in this world. There never has been; there is only power, and those too weak to seek it.

One would believe, most days, that this was the motto of the entire Altien line. Indeed, it was a saying that Kassander, even as a very young child, heard on a regular basis. There are three kinds of noble lines: the airheaded kind, oft questioned regarding just how, exactly, they ever became, or remain, noble; the merely wealthy kind, having of a collection of eyes to feed the poor of Efrea for at least three generations before running out, whose only real power lie in their ability to buy silence and loyalty; and the ruthless, backstabbing, sometimes downright vicious kind, that didn't aim low, and didn't waste time. It was never any secret which the Altien line has always been. How ruthless and how sometimes downright vicious one of those lines may be varied, but there was little variance in the ruthlessness and viciousness of the Altiens. While ostensibly respected, the Altiens were never much favoured - by anyone who found themselves on the wrong end of their ire. Simply, it was far more favourable to remain in their good graces, rather than risk their often indirect vengeance being aimed at oneself or one's family, and the upper crust of Efrean society quickly had learned to pretend, very, very well.

That seemed to change, at least a little, when Kassander's uncle, at the time the head of house, and just as ruthless and vindictive as his father before him, mysteriously passed away, and the title of head of the Altien house fell to Kassander's father, instead. While the Altiens retained their general notoriety - one man does not a house make, after all, and Kassander has cousins - the new head of house, quite frankly, had no business running a lineage with as deeply-running dark sides as the Altien line has, and Kassander would be the first to admit it. Some aspects of running the family's affairs and maintaining not only its reputation, but the loyalty of those lineages and people it had the loyalty of, his father simply was not fit for. As it happened, the man would much rather have spent his entire tenure as head of the Altien line throwing parties and discussing marriage arrangements for his sons, as, after all, that was the most important part of being an Altien, wasn't it? By the time whispers began among the servants that the Altien drug cartels and varying deals with varying pirates were falling apart, and fast, Kassander had had enough.

He was fourteen, and it was, as it turned out, relatively simple to just accidentally drop a very high dosage of a very dangerous drug into his glass of wine, and let reality take care of the rest.

With his father no longer among the living, thank the gods for that as he wasn't the most rhetorically blessed idiot in Efrea, either, and oft made himself and the Altiens look quite stupid, someone had to take over as head of house. Kassander is his eldest son, and while he was not yet a grown man, an arrangement wherein his mother, a lowborn woman his father had taken as a mistress, would help him until he was old enough to do so himself. Knowing her son perhaps better than anyone else, his mother recognised she need only be present; Kassander could take care of the rest. And take care of the rest, he did.

The cartels became less scattered, better managed. The trade of illicit goods and contraband became more stable. The varying deals with varying pirates, often mostly for use of their vessels and ships, and expertise in outmanoeuvring government soldiers, strengthened anew. Their standing in the eyes of the government, and its soldiers, improved; any good criminal overlord has many ties to law enforcement in all the right places. With all the fluidity of a well-groomed public figure, Kassander grabbed the Altien line's sinking public image and dragged it back up. Relations with other lineages were repaired with a finesse his father never did have in him. He'd be on the High Council next; the Altien line always had at least one of their number per generation in the Council, and Kassander would be the next. Kassander learned, through his own observations and the counsel of his mother, to be very careful, the higher he pulled the Altiens back up the ladder, whom exactly he trusted, because not all of them were to be trusted; in fact, a high number were not to be.

Despite the Altiens' public image among the noble caste, Kassander never has been known to be particularly unkind to those less fortunate than he. Where someone of higher standing may end up somewhere down a back alley with their throat slit for squirrelling away resources and contraband Kassander's criminal syndicate, the Cobra Syndicate, deals in, he is often much kinder and more merciful to lowborn. Unlike most nobility as high as he is, Kassander is not completely unaware of the constant uphill struggle that many lowborn live on a daily basis, albeit he has a very distant understanding of it. He is never unnecessarily harsh with his house's servants, often assisting in varying household chores that he knows how to help with, and, should he find a thief in his syndicate whom he knows has a legitimate reason to do so, he may let them go and merely make them work off the difference.

In perhaps an almost unexpected twist to typical Altien vindictiveness, Kassander is kind, to everyone. But one should never mistake that kindness for weakness, for if they are unkind to him, well, kindness is not what they will remember him for.
- Kassander is actually somewhat clairvoyant.
-- I say somewhat because his visions are sometimes very painful, and always very, very vague. It takes him a good long time to puzzle them out.
- He specialises in light magic. He can heal, sure, but I'm talking searing sun-rays of death kind of light magic.
- Also decently skilled in the art of bending light around himself, to either become invisible, or change his appearance; new meaning to trick of the light, huh.
- Shuyans occasionally decide he's the son of Shasana, as if that's even possible, because if he sits out in direct sunlight long enough, he glows.
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