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The early years were easy.

Desmara's family weren't from a particularly rural area of Shuya. In fact, they lived in the suburbs of the capital city of Aluya, and Desmara often went with her mother into the main city, followed her through the temples, listened as she told the stories of Shuya's goddesses. Desmara never truly listened, not really, because the girl didn't find such things interesting at the time. Now, she wishes she remembered her mother's words, even if only because now, her words would be all she had of her.

Her father was a simple labourer, or at least, that was what Desmara was led to believe. In hindsight, Desmara's not certain if that was the truth, or a well-concealed lie, and truth be told, Desmara no longer cares. Her mother, as it happened, was a member of the Shuyan clergy, a specific sect within it called the Sisters of the Star. Unlike most of the Shuyan clergy, the Sisters of the Star are trained to fight, and act as something of the defence force for the Shuyan clergy in times of strife. The Sisters need be pious, righteous, quick-thinking, and very good with a blade. Desmara was never any of those, and never held any belief that someday she'd follow in her mother's footsteps. Little Desmara was never a fighter.

Bigger Desmara became so.

In the time between Desmara's fifteenth birthday, and sixteenth, one parent, the other, or both, seemed to have attracted attention of the not very good kind. When Desmara was out one day, drawing water from a well connected to a natural underground aquifer, someone meandered right into their house, and murdered both her parents. Desmara returned to the house to find both lying on the kitchen table, throats slit, blood all over the wood. A noise startled her, and she isn't sure what it was, but, she immediately dropped the water she'd gone to fetch, and ran. And ran. And ran.

By the time the adrenaline wore off, she had no idea where she was. It didn't matter to her, by then. Her mother had friends among the Sisters, she could've gone back, but a deep-set fear settled around her heart, both of them, really, and she has never gone back to Aluya since. Sometimes, she misses the gilded, glittering capital, and other times... well, she'd sooner die than set foot within the walls again.

For a time, she wandered. It was mostly peacefully, minding her own business, trading forest resources with locals for other things she couldn't find. And then one day, someone whispered her name in an inn. She'd never seen them before, and besides, they weren't speaking to her, just about her, but she wasn't sure how they knew her name. Some eavesdropping later, and Desmara learned that a woman that had betrayed the Sisters of the Star were looking for her - and something told Desmara this woman wasn't looking to be friends, if she'd betrayed the Sisters. She had no choice. Whoever this woman was, was likely stronger than she. Desmara lacked training. This woman had been a Sister. The chances of her having a stronger heart were overwhelmingly high, even.

She had no choice. It was either learn to fight, or she may as well jump off a cliff. It'd certainly be less agonising, but Desmara believed her parents would want her to live.

Through much travelling and perhaps a bit of dumb luck, Desmara found, in Uclain, people willing to teach her to fight. She learned swordsmanship, hand to hand techniques, how to use magic, and later, travelled to Zetrium and learned guns. Desmara likes guns. Why waste time with a sword when you can fire a bullet? Through finding connections with the right people, the right establishments, Desmara slowly built an information network across Kardia. When the woman moves, Desmara knows. When she turns eyes to where Desmara is, Desmara knows. When she asks about her, Desmara knows. In the years since her parents' death, since she first learned of this betrayer of the Sisters of the Star, Desmara's become, perhaps, exceedingly reticent and highly paranoid; but it keeps her alive. In the meantime, her information network lets her find wanted criminals and not-so-criminals exceedingly easily, and she acts as a bounty hunter to put food on the table, and maintain her miniature armoury.

And someday, if this woman that is half chasing her and half being chased by her had anything to do with her parents' death, Desmara'll lodge a bullet in her brain. Give or take six.
She is never surprised, and she's got a lot of guns.
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