Aren Seong
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Aren is aware he hasn't had a typical upbringing, even in a place as prosperous as Efrea.

His parents aren't noble, but they're not all that fair off. They're comfortably upper, gunning for eventual noble standing and the influence that comes with it. Together, they run a fairly well-off trading company dealing with exotic luxury goods. They employ a number of people. He was educated by tutors. They have high hopes for him, as their oldest son, to bring the family and their lineage into a higher sphere, to marry well, to keep striving for something more. Sometimes he's not sure what, exactly, would satisfy them.

Aren's been thinking about this since he was a child, when he would play with the children of household workers who would come with their parents to work, in particular the son of the gardener. He became more and more aware that what they went home to was different. It took time before he understood why, but obviously his education included history, culture; he knows what Efrea and the rest of the world is like now, in theory. He knows Zetrium sounds like something of a paradise, almost too good to be true. 

He also knows that he doesn't know shit. Sure, he's learned things. He's read books. But in terms of practical experience, he's missing a lot. And he's pretty sure if his parents had their way, he'd always be missing a lot. As he gets older, he's aware they expect him to soon take a bigger place in their business. 

So, he's resolved to make up for what is probably going to be a lot of lost time in the future. Along with a parent-assigned bodyguard, he's going to travel across Efrea, and maybe beyond, for at least several months. He's supposed to write regularly, and come back at the end ready to take up the mantle, a little more cultured and with his wild oats sown.

What his parents don't know is that while they're expecting him to do a general culture tour of museums, visit houses of their friends, see plays, enjoy rich kid frivolities, Aren is planning on traveling as light as possible, having his bodyguard pretend to be the average traveling buddy, and seeing what the world has to offer to someone that's not used to it. The normal world. The world that usually he wouldn't get to see.
Aren is a pretty go-with-the-flow type of guy, generally pretty happy to let people make their own decisions and follow along. He’s spontaneous, in that he doesn’t care much about set plans, and is happy to redirect or change at the last minute. He’s easygoing, but when it comes to the things he cares about, he’s far from a pushover. He can surprise people by going from wishy-washy to firm the second something important to him comes up. When he does propose a plan, he gets this conspiratorial little grin that makes the person he’s talking to feel like an accomplice. He’s got a wide mischievous streak, and can be petty at times. He doesn’t hold grudges, but does find satisfaction in proving people wrong.  

Aren is very loyal and devoted, and remembers what people have done for him. He’s also upfront; he says what he’s thinking, and he doesn’t get embarrassed easily. He also doesn’t say shit that he doesn’t mean, but that can cause problems too; he may really mean that compliment he gave you, but he can also really mean it while treating someone else the same way. Aren isn’t at all a jealous person, and has trouble understanding jealousy. If you come to him for advice on it, he’ll likely not understand why it matters to you. He’s talkative and social -sometimes too talkative- and really likes meeting new people, and learning about them. He feels his experiences are pretty limited, and is generally interested in things outside his usual sphere of understanding. He also likes being able to take care of people. This is partly selfish; it makes him feel important, and like he’s doing something that matters. He doesn’t get angry easily (he goes to other types of upset, first), and isn’t the type to lash out, but when he is genuinely furious he turns cold, and far more dangerous. He’s also infuriatingly hard to insult. He tends to respond to insults with a little grin, maybe a laughing "ouch". He doesn’t care about your opinion if you don’t matter to him, and sees no reason someone he doesn’t care about should have influence over his life. He is, however, very protective of his loved ones.  

He doesn't always respond to things the way he's meant to, and often doesn't realize that until after he's seen how people react to him. Sometimes he's a little awkward when it comes to finding the right thing to say, or knowing when you touch someone, what's appropriate sympathy to offer. He's working on it. He's aware he's a bit naive, in that he's missed out on a lot of areas of sociability and culture. 

Aren is an active person, and hates being cooped up for too long. He also doesn’t like being alone. He likes to go out and be around people even if he’s not doing anything in particular, and even if it’s not that interesting. He’s interested in taking things apart and figuring out how they work, and as a result is fascinated by the mechanics of spell-creation. He doesn’t always know how to respond to people, and he tends to admit that upfront. He’s opinionated but not always loud about it unless he feels like he has to be. You can have your opinions without talking about them every time they come up, and sometimes it’s easier to just let shit slide.
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