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Lyra Faolain Silvertongued
Yesterday at 02:19 AM I am both the sword and sheath.
You know, I'm not sure whether I should be offended or flattered by that. Both? Let's go with both.
... well. You see. I may or may not be... on my way to Zetrium right now...
Lennox Faolain
Apr 17, 2018, 12:35 AM
Mildly concerned at best. I have full faith in your ability to thwart make believe pirates.

Will you be returning from the lair sometime within the next hour?
Lyra Faolain Silvertongued
Apr 16, 2018, 11:11 PM I am both the sword and sheath.
It's not a segue into anything! I am in their evil pirate lair RIGHT NOW. What if this is segueing into me being in distress! How would you feel then! I mean, it won't, but what IF.
Lennox Faolain
Apr 16, 2018, 08:33 AM
If this is a segue into something, I cannot possibly fathom what.
Lyra Faolain Silvertongued
Apr 15, 2018, 11:31 PM I am both the sword and sheath.
Um........ would you believe me if I said I got kidnapped by evil pirates?
Lennox Faolain
Apr 15, 2018, 06:18 PM

I've knocked on your bedroom door several times. Where are you?

stars and constellations
Seia Kailani
Apr 13, 2018, 12:08 AM It is not their rules that keep you bound, but yours.
... that was an amusing metaphor. Seia smiled, small and brief, but it vanished as quick as it came. It was okay to find it funny, right? He must've meant it like that. Or, at least she thought he did. Was she overthinking again? She was probably overthinking again. Why she did this, Seia didn't know. Thinking was hard enough by itself on most days, so of course she had to go and do it more. It shouldn't be as hard for her as it was, but she was inadequate, what else was new. Huh. It did make sense for everything to be so different. Uclain was big, and even within Efrea the regions more inland or to the north and south lived differently from the people here. Seia only had firsthand knowledge of the interior, but she did remember it had taken some getting used to when she first moved to Nereida. It must be even more difficult for Kaspian; she couldn't imagine the culture shock that came from moving countries, not just cities.

"I bet it does," Seia said, glancing at Kaspian from the corner of her eye to make sure that it was her cue to speak. Just for a second, before they returned to squinting at the road before her. The lamps helped a little with illuminating the darkness, but come twilight the world rapidly devolved into a mess of moving dark shapes that she had to work at extra hard in order to decipher. There was somebody with her, now, and it made her extra self-conscious about her terrible night vision, about not embarrassing herself again. She would, undoubtedly, but once a day was more than enough. "I can't imagine living like that. Other people already bring enough danger."

Shit. She hadn't meant to say that. "To ourselves," she added quickly. "Sometimes. Only sometimes. Um." Dammit, if she had simply left it alone, it would've seemed less suspicious. "It must be nice to not worry so much about your life?" she asked, trying to divert his attention. "At least, it sounds like it should be. To me." She bit her lip, forced herself to look ahead and not down. They were close, now, it would be just like her to miss her own house. "But maybe I'm wrong. I don't know much."

Ah, there it was. Seia's footsteps slowed, and she shifted her bag onto one hip, reaching into it until she found the familiar cool metal of her keys. "My apartment's on the third floor," she said, nodding to the building at their right as she sorted through her keys until she found the right one. There were a couple there; one for her apartment, one for the complex itself, which was what she needed right now, and a few for her shop like the doors and the storage and the roof. She walked up to the doors, jiggled the key in the lock. Sometimes it got stuck. "The elevator doesn't work right now," she said apologetically. "Sorry. You'll probably find the stairs easier than me, though," she said with a small smile. Oh, there we go. ... hopefully they wouldn't meet any of her neighbours on the way up, because, how would she even explain her just randomly bringing a strange man home...
Apprentice/Assistant Wanted
Seia Kailani
Apr 12, 2018, 12:45 AM It is not their rules that keep you bound, but yours.
SO, here's the deal. Seia is currently a potter with a nice little shop + studio combo set up at the Estijian markets. Where markets go, street urchins tend to follow and Seia has taken it upon herself to feed some of the kids because her heart is soft like melted marshmallows. Kids are coming in and out of her shop all the time; she's set up a bunch of ovens on her roof, and as long as they bring the flour and knead the dough themselves, they're free to use them. She needs a bunch of ash for the sake of glazing, anyway, so might as well. Win-win for all.

I was thinking that one of these kids, probably more around the teenaged range, might've taken an interest in her work and Seia would've taken them in as sort of an apprentice and general helper around the shop. Or, heck, maybe their parents also happened to work with clay or something and they ended up teaching her. Seia's pretty new at this. Right now they'll probably be doing mostly front of the house stuff like greeting customers, taking down the details on commissions and custom orders, etc. Maybe helping with cleanup and some of the heavy lifting, too; Seia's a small thing, and she's not very strong. The reason I said right now is because there is a chance that Seia might get (voluntarily) kidnapped by pirates soon. She's got people after her, and it's not safe for her to stay in one place. And when she does, she'll leave the shop to her apprentice/helper along with everything it entails including an army of children and... possibly an army of pissed-off debtors who'll think to look there first when they try to find her.

(Not that finding her is a particularly difficult task. She kept her ex-husband's last name and only changed the name of his storefront. Like.)

Right now, this person won't know that Seia's mired in anything illegal, at least not from her. Seia is pretty reticent about sharing any personal info. They might've heard from the grapevine, maybe even before they met Seia herself; her husband died only about a year ago, and he was pretty infamous. I'm imagining them around the teenaged range, around 13-16, but aside from that everything else is totally up to you. Go wild. This ad can be filled by more than one person, even. It'll also also be nice to have some of the army of children played, so if you were thinking of playing a street urchin, hmu. 
αρεια [mystique's plotter]
Apr 11, 2018, 11:42 PM Knives are made of sheets, not edges
Sure thing! I'm pretty sure Lyra literally just ran off without telling anyone lol, so Lennox can totally Telepathy at her like "where tf are you????". Thankfully, her family's probably used to her running off with no warning by now?

And ty!
p l e i a d e s [ ana's plotter ]
Anacaona gian hoa mat khon
Apr 11, 2018, 01:47 AM All I ask of you, all I ask of you; just open up a little bit more;
Probably. Might've met before already.

And he does, yep. c:
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