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Fancy things our board does that isnt normal.
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Started by Anacaona, Mar 16, 2018, 07:54 PM
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This thread will go over the unique features and functions that are available on World of Hearts. As we are self-hosted, and the main admin is a bit of a master at the specific software, there are quite a few unique functions!

At the top and bottom of every thread is an Add bookmark button. This button will add a thread to your bookmarks, which then appears on the public thread tracker in your profile. (Works on character accounts, as well.) On the bookmarks management page, you can add notes to threads in the tracker, for thread summaries and similar.

Topic Tags
At the bottom of each thread is a Tags: area. Clicking the [Add Tag] link will allow you to add new tags to it. Examples of tags are "open" and "mature," the latter which is required for adult-content-oriented threads. Tags can also be tagged with characters' first names or nicknames, to make their threads easy to find.

Our site has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, in posts, quick edit, quick reply, and profile text area fields. This editor is a powerful one, enabling quite the array of options, and some keyboard shortcuts work (ctrl+b for bold, +i for italic, etc, warning, ctrl+b on Opera and Opera-based browsers will trigger browser bookmarks controls coming up). There is one caveat, and that is the WYISIWYG editor will not load if Javascript is turned off in the browser; you'll get a text area, but not the fancy controls, you'll have to BBCode in it manually.

Player Display
Automatically, subaccounts of a parent account will display the parent's name and link, for an automatic player field.

Automated Who's Who, Face Claims, and Time-Line
By filling in the FC field, your claim automatically appears on the FC list. If you are using artwork, just leave it blank instead of inputting none, else you can credit the artist. The time-line automatically populates threads by chronological ordering. The member list also automatically creates itself based on accounts and their subaccounts.

Fluid Mature Content Restriction
Users that wish to be able to see such threads can pop their birth date into their OOC profile. This birth date, if it is valid and makes the user at or above 18, will trigger mature threads showing in topic list, and enable the user to read them. If these aren't input, those threads just don't appear at all, and cannot be read.

Easy Thread Dating
This takes the form of a series of options when posting new topics (below the description field). Select a month, type a day number, and a year (we are in 218), and you've added your thread to the time-line. Threads that are not dated are not considered board canon until they are! The dating system was implemented to prevent users from getting confused and muddling the IC time-line - and thus incidentally being in two places at once.

Alert Numbers
Little numbers will appear at the top of the site beside your name. These are unread PMs, unread @ mentions, or unread posts to bookmarks. Our software does not have an alert system on its own, so I had to hack one in. Not terribly fancy, but, I did it.