frosted wings
March 16, 218
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Started by Leon, Mar 28, 2018, 10:23 PM
LeonWritten by Esmera
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This was a terribly smart idea.

By terribly, of course, Leon meant not very smart at all. He should have stayed with the rest of the Har'zaref, but, once in a great while, Leon wandered up through the familiar, and unfamiliar, mountain ranges of Shuya, half checking on those ilim still brave enough to tolerate the unpredictable and often harsh conditions of the Shuyan ranges, half out of perhaps some sense of nostalgia. First and foremost, of course, Leon was ilim. Secondarily, he was Shuyan. And then, thirdly and fourthly, he was a cook and a pirate. How he'd ended up feeding a bunch of pirates, he'd never really understand. It was probably his boundless capacity for compassion and concern for others. Most definitely, it was a Leon thing, not an ilim thing, albeit he'd never met a truly vicious ilim. Perhaps those in Uclain were less kindly, but he'd never really know - he, after all, didn't really bother getting to know the Uclainian ilim. Kiyoshi was about as close to knowing Uclainians as he'd gotten, which he supposed was somewhat sad. Unless he was wandering like this, however, he wasn't really doing much else besides ensuring the notorious Har'zaref crew, specifically the more notorious Lucain family, were at least eating right, even if Suyis did insist on drinking with no unremarkable frequency, but so too did the Zetriumese weirdo insist on wandering about the ship in his boxers.

He'd learn to stop, after Belinda had bitten his ass enough times.

Fortunately, with the rest of the crew headed for Zetrium, and the young girl Surya called Mei aboard, they'd likely not do anything terribly stupid in his absence. Also fortunately, winter was starting to give way to spring, and a good deal of Shuya's unpredictability was beginning to settle out. It was calm up here, to at least some extent, and Leon had managed to find a decent place to settle for the time being. Perhaps he'd wander down to the village there. It wasn't far, he could make out the rising smoke from chimneys and hear the children laughing and playing. Mei's village was gone, now - Leon didn't have to ask to know, because the mountains told him long before he'd gotten here. For an ilim, no matter where you were, you were still home, but home for Leon had stopped being Shuya, for the most part. Suyis was an insufferable pain in the ass, but he did like him. He may not always mean well, but even when he didn't, some part of him still did. Suyis and Surya were not much different after all; they both fought for the same things, just in very different ways.

Leon did wish they'd learn more about the meaning of the word 'morality,' but he'd deal with it.

He sat forward, settled on a rock outcropping, bundled in faux fur and thick fleece, his ears half hidden under a hood, to protect them from the winds. Leon had a natural resistance to cold, as it was, but it didn't always extend to the terrible, biting cold that was often prevalent in the more mountainous regions of Shuya. His village were settled within a valley, where warmer air was trapped by the mountain peaks and the cold air currents, and while he'd built up a resistance to the cold to some extent, it wasn't as good as it could've been. Ilim, as it happened, weren't meant for cold. Neither were they meant for the insanity of humid heat that was Zetrium, however, and Leon was not upset about missing the trip to Zetrium. He'd hear everything he missed later, anyway.
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