Apprentice/Assistant Wanted
and also an army of children
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Started by Seia Kailani, Apr 12, 2018, 12:45 AM
It is not their rules that keep you bound, but yours.
Apr 12, 2018, 12:45 AM / 458 Words

SO, here's the deal. Seia is currently a potter with a nice little shop + studio combo set up at the Estijian markets. Where markets go, street urchins tend to follow and Seia has taken it upon herself to feed some of the kids because her heart is soft like melted marshmallows. Kids are coming in and out of her shop all the time; she's set up a bunch of ovens on her roof, and as long as they bring the flour and knead the dough themselves, they're free to use them. She needs a bunch of ash for the sake of glazing, anyway, so might as well. Win-win for all.

I was thinking that one of these kids, probably more around the teenaged range, might've taken an interest in her work and Seia would've taken them in as sort of an apprentice and general helper around the shop. Or, heck, maybe their parents also happened to work with clay or something and they ended up teaching her. Seia's pretty new at this. Right now they'll probably be doing mostly front of the house stuff like greeting customers, taking down the details on commissions and custom orders, etc. Maybe helping with cleanup and some of the heavy lifting, too; Seia's a small thing, and she's not very strong. The reason I said right now is because there is a chance that Seia might get (voluntarily) kidnapped by pirates soon. She's got people after her, and it's not safe for her to stay in one place. And when she does, she'll leave the shop to her apprentice/helper along with everything it entails including an army of children and... possibly an army of pissed-off debtors who'll think to look there first when they try to find her.

(Not that finding her is a particularly difficult task. She kept her ex-husband's last name and only changed the name of his storefront. Like.)

Right now, this person won't know that Seia's mired in anything illegal, at least not from her. Seia is pretty reticent about sharing any personal info. They might've heard from the grapevine, maybe even before they met Seia herself; her husband died only about a year ago, and he was pretty infamous. I'm imagining them around the teenaged range, around 13-16, but aside from that everything else is totally up to you. Go wild. This ad can be filled by more than one person, even. It'll also also be nice to have some of the army of children played, so if you were thinking of playing a street urchin, hmu.