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In Populus Technology

SMF Hosting and Design

Current Projects: 4
Character Mod v.2.0.1 for SMF 2.0/PHP 7.1: 90%
Aereth SMF Move: 65%
We Are Bulletproof Autumn Theme: 50%
RPG Suite (Battle Suite v5/Character Manager 1.0.2) for SMF 2.1/PHP 7.1: 0%

In Populus Technology

The home of freelancer programmer and SMF enthusiast, Arceus, IP Tech aims to help make running a forum role-play on SMF easier than ever on its admin staff.

From free, clean modern designed themes for Simple Machines Forum, to custom themes designed the way you want, to donation-ware piggy-back hosting options, getting started with SMF has never been easier. Choose a free theme for a basic, clean look for your site, customise it the way you like using the easy-to-use customisation options in the theme settings, find tutorials on how to achieve certain functions and looks with SMF, or just simplistic how to use it tutorials for beginners. Or, select hosting with IP Tech, and have a master behind you when you need something done.

Modern SMF Themes

Clean designs, with improved functionality and less image-heavy loads, IP Tech's themes are sure to please - even the most finicky.

Our SMF theme designs are recoded and rewritten from scratch, many of which are fully customised on all user-facing templates, meaning a sleeker design for you, and greater ease of use for your member base. Themes can be easily integrated with SimplePortal, SubAccounts, and many other functionality and design modifications created for SMF. IP Tech's themes often also include FontAwesome, jQuery enhancements, and or Google Font embeds, making your site's appearance easy to read, easy to navigate, and full of great features.

SMF Piggy-Back Hosting

Don't know where to start? Haven't a clue what FTP or cPanel are? No problem. Host with us, and we'll handle all the back end - you just focus on making a great site.

With over ten years of running forums on the SMF software under their belt, Arceus is a helpful and knowledgeable person to have behind you when you're stumbling into self-hosting with the software. SMF is a difficult software to learn, but once you do, it is extremely customisable, extendable, and no two installs are exactly alike. Finding your way around them can be daunting, if not impossible, if you have no coding or webserver management background. Take the stress out of SMF, and let Arceus handle all the nitty-gritty details for you. Learn as you go - you can ask questions and as Arceus handles the details, they'll explain what they're doing and why in easy layman's terms.