i'd like to believe in all the possibilities [axel]
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Started by Aren Seong, May 01, 2018, 06:01 AM
Aren SeongWritten by Rafi
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Aren Seong wasn't a particularly nervous person.

At least, he hadn't thought so. Today, he wasn't so sure.

Not about the lying, of course. He was a little too convinced he was right about this to feel all that bad about lying to his parents. They weren't the ones that would have to live the rest of his life if he made a mistake he couldn't take back. They weren't the ones that would have to wonder forever if he should've done something differently. So, yeah, he was lying, and he didn't feel guilty. Aren was determined to take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself to him. He didn't want what-ifs. He didn't want to come back feeling exactly the same as he had when he left. 

Part of him didn't want to come back at all, but he was pretty sure that wasn't a great option. His parents would be pretty devastated, at least, and he wasn't sure he could do that to them. Maybe the wanderlust would work itself out while he was out here. Maybe he'd find out what homesickness felt like. He was pretty sure he could find out what a lot of different things felt like, if he played this right.

He'd already met the bodyguard his parents had hired, briefly. It was a short meeting, and Aren hadn't said much. There hadn't been much to say, there, then. He'd been significantly more buttoned up within the dark-wood walls of his parent's joint study, going for perfect son just in case his parents sensed something up and decided to revoke permissions last minute. He was pretty sure he'd still go, honestly-- he wasn't sure he could stand to lose the chance. But it'd be a lot easier if they thought it'd be good for him. So he'd stayed quiet, and smiled, and nodded, and hoped the Axel guy they'd found was willing to twist the rules a little bit. It wasn't like he wouldn't still be getting paid. And if he had to, Aren was willing to grease the wheels a little bit. He just hoped he wouldn't rat him out. 

They'd arranged for Aren and his bodyguard to meet in a city district not far from where Aren's parents lived and worked, but that was about all of the plan that Aren had stuck to. He'd ditched more than half of the luggage he was expected to take, replacing it with a dark green rucksack with magic sewn into the stitching. Sturdy and well-made, but not ostentatious. It was enchanted to hold a whole lot more than it looked like it could, and lighten the feel of the load as it went. That was a lot better than the gold-locked trunks, especially if Aren wanted to travel on foot, by ship, by rail, rather than just booking expensive trains and gliders. Which he did. He hadn't wanted to take more than he could hold himself. He didn't want to have anyone else carrying his shit, because that's exactly the kind of thing he wanted to get away from here. He wanted to travel as normally as he could manage, see things he'd never get the chance to otherwise, speak to people who wouldn't let their guard down around someone like him normally. He just wanted this one thing. This one time. This one trip. And then, sure, okay, he'd try to be a good son. He'd try to be a good heir. He'd try to go back home and button back up and manage finances and honor the family name. 

He just wanted this one thing.

As he waited, nervously jiggling his foot, Aren hoped Axel remembered the exact corner they were meant to meet on. Aren looked significantly different than he had when they met the other day. His hair was tousled and messy, not brushed down. He'd traded all his clothes for simpler things, and hidden the tailored suits his parents had expected him to bring in a box back home, just in case they checked the closet. He was dressed down for the warm Efrean weather, arms bare, though he'd packed additions for a variety of climates.

He didn't know what to expect. And after years of schedules he hadn't made and plans he wasn't in charge of, that was really damn exciting. 
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